Lawrence Fodor is one of the most interesting southwest artists. His work is versatile and romantic. Larry Fodor’s work recalls a certain sensibility and/or sensitivity to mark making that was such a tremendous component to the drawing and painting curriculum he studied in the mid 70’s at Otis, when Fodor received his BFA. In 2014 he was a recipient of the City of Santa Fe Mayor’s 2014 Award for Excellence in the Arts.

Born in California with a love and curiosity for the southwest, Fodor began his artistic career by emphasizing the magic, romance, spiritualism of the Native American relationship with the environment. With a strong background in drawing and numerous fine art degrees Fodor then moved on to a more expressionistic style which remains his focus today.

He has worked and had studios in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Santa Barbara, California, Kathmandu, Nepal, Tucson, Arizona and Santa Fe, New Mexico. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Maintaining studios in both locations, his work includes painting using oil, alkyd resin and cold wax on canvas, panels, and wood boxes, monotypes, watercolors, other works on paper and photography.